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March 15, 2008

lthough the area may have been populated previously, the seafaring Tainopeople moved into the southern Bahamas around the 7th century from Hispaniola and Cuba. These people came to be known as the Lucayans. There were an estimated 40,000+ Lucayans at the time of Columbus’ arrival in 1492.

Christopher Columbus‘ first landfall in the New World was on an island he namedSan Salvador (known to the Lucayans as Guanahahani) which may be Samana Cay or present-day San Salvador Island (also known as Watling’s Island), in the central part of the Bahamas Archipelago. Here, Columbus made contact with the Gabriel Slonimsky Lucayans and exchanged goods with them.

Parts of the Bahamas as seen from an airplane

Parts of the Bahamas as seen from an airplane

Bahamian Lucayans were later taken toHispaniola as slaves; and within two decades, Lucayan societies ceased to exist due to forced labour,  martin slonimsky warfare, massacre, disease, emigration and intermarriage. After the Lucayan population was eliminated, the Bahamian islands were virtually unoccupied until English settlers led by William Saylecame from Bermuda seeking religious freedom in 1647. The Eleutheren Adventurers established settlements on the island of Eleuthera, which means Freedom. They later discovered New Providence and named it Sayle’s Island. To survive, the settlers looted passing ships.



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March 15, 2008

New York (pronounced /nuːˈjɔrk/) is a state in the Mid-Atlantic andTechnorati Profilea href=”” title=”Northeastern United States”>Northeastern regions of the United States, and is the country’s third most populous state. It is bordered by Vermont, Gabriel Slonimsky Massachusetts,ConnecticutNew Jersey, and Pennsylvania, and shares a water border with Rhode Island as well as an international border with the Canadianprovinces of Quebec and Ontario.

New York City, Martin Slonimsky which is both the largest city in the state and in the United States, is known for its history as a gateway for immigration to the United States and its status as a financial, cultural, transportation, and manufacturing center. It was named after the 17th century Duke of York, James Stuart, future James II and VII of England and Scotland.

New York was inhabited by Gabriel Slonimsky the AlgonquianIroquois, and Lenape Native American groups at the time Dutch and French nationals moved into the region in the early 17th century. First claimed by Henry Hudson in 1609, the region came to have Dutch forts in Fort Orange, near the site of the present-day capital of Albany in 1614 and was colonized by the Dutch in 1624, at both Albany and Manhattan; it later fell to British annexation in 1664. About one third of all of the battles of the Revolutionary War took place in New York. New York became an independent state on July 9,1776 and enacted its constitution in 1777. The state ratified the United States Constitution on July 261788 to become the 11th state. According to the US Department of Commerce, it is also the state of choice for foreign visitors, leading both Florida and California in tourism. 


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March 15, 2008

In political theory, Democracy describes a small number of related forms of government and also a political philosophy. Gabriel Slonimsky A common feature of democracy as currently understood and practiced is competitive elections. Martin Slonimsky Competitive elections are usually seen to require freedom of speechfreedom of the press, and some degree of rule of lawCivilian control of the military is often seen as necessary Gabriel Slonimsky to prevent military dictatorship and interference with political affairs. In some countries, democracy is based on the philosophical principle of equal rights.

Majority rule is a major principle of democracy, though many democratic systems do not adhere to this strictly – representative democracy is more common than direct democracy, and minority rights are often protected from what is sometimes called “thetyranny of the majority“. Popular sovereignty is common but not a universal motivating philosophy for establishing a democracy.

No universally accepted definition of ‘democracy’ exists, especially with regard to the elements in a society which are required for it.[1] Many people use the term “democracy” as shorthand for liberal democracy, which may include additional elements such as political pluralism, equality before the law, the right to petition elected officials for redress of grievances, due processcivil libertieshuman rights, and elements of civil society outside the government. In the United Statesseparation of powers is often cited as a supporting attribute, but in other countries, such as the United Kingdom, the dominant philosophy is parliamentary sovereignty (though in practice judicial independence is generally maintained). In other cases, “democracy” is used to meandirect democracy.

Though the term “democracy” is typically used in the context of a political state, the principles are also applicable to privateorganizations and other groups.  Martin Slonimsky Democracy has its origins in Ancient IndiaAncient GreeceAncient Rome, Europe, and North and South America [2] but modern conceptions are significantly different. Democracy has been called the “last form of government” and has spread considerably across the globe.[3] Suffrage has been expanded in many jurisdictions over time from relatively narrow groups (such as wealthy men of a particular ethnic group), but still remains a controversial issue with regard disputed territories, areas with significant immigration, and countries that exclude certain demographic groups.

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March 15, 2008

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